This Delectable Cinnamon Bun is Not Only Delicious… But Has No Added Sugar!

Find out how full-flavored food can also boost your metabolism

If you’re like me, you always want to eat delicious food… but there comes a time when you start making sacrifices to improve overall health.

Luckily, sometimes with just a few changes you can make food that tastes great and is still good for you.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today

This isn’t ordinary food… it’s food that empowers your body to do more. Increase energy, burn fat… but also happens to be incredibly delicious.

Imagine biting into a mouth-watering, flavorful cake without guilt

That’s the kind of food I’d love to teach you about.

And even people who don’t realize it’s healthy will love it. You’ll never struggle again to have your kids eat healthy.

I had started my husband and kids on Keto - and with some select recipes they really enjoyed it. But they were extremely against eating any of my “health food desserts”. I had to trick them...

My husband, who didn’t realize it was healthy (I’m not sure he would have tried it had he known!), his face lit up! He smiled ear-to-ear. “WOW! This is amazing”.

I was pretty confident he would like it. It looks and tastes just like normal cake… but it has no sugar and almost no carbs.

Although I’ve been a chef for years (and my mom was a chef)... I’ve never baked much before but now I’m the life of the party. Potlucks are no problem… since my food has no allergens in it… but is still so delicious. I only ever bring back empty Tupperware.

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned the best part… but here it goes again

This delicious, mouth-watering food is not just scrumptious. It is chock full of essential nutrients, fiber, and protein.

No Carb Cakes and Pies

Getting the family together for the holidays - or just a simple birthday - always seems to derail any positive trend we’re on. No one wants to be the sour-sport at a party… saying no to your brother’s birthday cake! So we take that cake, label it a cheat-day and move on with our lives.

But now I just suggest that I bake that cake… because a slice of a Chocolate Layer Cake from this book is not only delicious, it has no added sugar and won’t ruin your diet.

Every single recipe we’ll talk about. And every image you see… they use ZERO added sugar…

…and they don’t use any artificial sweetener.

There is also no gluten, no processed foods… and low carbs. Because I discovered that Keto is one of the most effective ways to increase energy.

What about the desserts? They have ZERO added sugar.

Yes, you read that right.

Every recipe is high in healthy fats and protein. Guaranteed to increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar spikes… allowing you to get a good night’s rest and feel refreshed each and every morning.

Relying on sugar for our energy has serious consequences.

After years and years of your body relying on carbs for energy, your body will need to produce more and more insulin at once to achieve the same results. You can quickly become insulin resistant, and very commonly this resistance turns into prediabetes… and eventually type 2 diabetes.

According to the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) data, more than 1 in 3 adults in the US have prediabetes, and nearly 1 in 10 have type 2 diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows the number of obese adults in the US has spiked since the 80s from 15% to 35% of all adults!

Clearly something is currently wrong with the food we force our bodies to work with.

After eating less sugar for just a few days, you’ll see why so many people are not just making the switch - but they’re also making sure to tell all their friends and family.

We didn’t always eat so much added sugar. It’s only in the recent generation or two that sugar became such a dominant part of our foods. It used to just be found in sweets, that we only ate occasionally.

Special interest and lobbyist groups have trained us to believe that a high carb diet is actually good for us. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) first released their Dietary Guidelines in 1980… and they recommended reducing the amount of fat and oils we get… and increase the number of carbohydrates. In fact they recommend that most of our nutrients should come from carbs.

Even worse was the sugar lobbyist…

These guidelines, corrupt as they are, have been used as a framework for the US consumer education messages by the surgeon general, CDC, and many other government organizations since 1980.

We’ve even been taught that fats can cause heart disease, cholesterol problems, among other issues. But in the past decade we’ve found that oils have no effect on heart disease. And eating healthy oils? WOW… they are essential to our health. There are essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids. In fact, in recent years you may have even been recommended to take supplements for amino acids!

That’s because we’ve been trained to eat a high carb, low fat & oils diet.

First, we started drinking sugary sodas. Then it started sneaking its way into breads, and everything that we bake. Next you know, even our salads come full of sugar!

And one of the things we need to know about sugar… it doesn’t curb our hunger. Ever wondered why you can drink a can of soda… and it feels just like drinking a bottle of water. You’re not full at all – yet you just consumed hundreds of calories. A healthy meal with that many calories will leave you full for hours!

Repeated studies have shown that high sugar intake can lead to an increase inflammation in the body. That’s why we experience weight gain, and chronic pain -- What we eat affects our overall health!

Plus, some refined and processed sugars have been linked to poor digestion issues. Have you ever wondered why probiotics are becoming so much more popular than just a few years ago? They’re simply masking the real issue… we just consume too much sugar.

At the end of the day… it's what we learned growing up... we already know that food doesn’t need to be full of sugar! Everything we seem to eat these days is what we always told our kids: “JUNK FOOD!”

And it’s not just our weight and health that it affects. Even our skin can be negatively impacted by consuming lots of sugar.

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are compounds formed by reactions between sugar and protein in your body. They are suspected to play a key role in skin aging. Consuming a diet high in refined carbs and sugar leads to the production of AGEs, which may cause your skin to age prematurely. AGEs damage collagen and elastin, which are proteins that help the skin stretch and keep its youthful appearance. When collagen and elastin become damaged, the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. In one study published by the US National Library of Medicine, women who consumed more carbs, including added sugars, had a more wrinkled appearance than women on a high-protein, lower-carb diet. The researchers concluded that a lower intake of carbs was associated with better skin-aging appearance.

But the most immediate impact sugar has is it drains your energy.

This is also the most immediate benefit you will feel once you lower your sugar consumption.

Products that are loaded with sugar but lacking in protein, fiber or fat lead to a brief energy boost that’s quickly followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar, often referred to as a crash. It’s the reason kids can run around after eating a chocolate bar, but you quickly find them on the couch watching TV.

To avoid this energy-draining cycle, we can choose carb sources that have no added sugar and rich in fiber. Pairing carbs with protein or fat is another great way to keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable.

This is why every recipe in this book that contains natural sugar (from fruit) also has a good amount of healthy fats, protein and fiber.

So, what can we do?

Our body’s cells use glucose as their primary form of energy. And if you’re eating lots of sugar and carbohydrates, that’s where your body will go to first for energy.

If there is not enough glucose available to meet energy demands, the body will adopt an alternative strategy in order to meet those needs. Specifically, the body begins to break down fat stores to provide glucose from triglycerides.

You’ll start feeling more energy and less fatigue. With less reliance on carbs, the body is better able to fall asleep and get proper rest.

Which means you need some delicious recipes. As everyone knows the hardest part of changing your diet is introducing food you’re not used to, or you don’t even like! Plus, so many of these diet recipes are expensive and time consuming to make.

But today, I’ll teach you how to make going sugar-free easy. Short, quick recipes full of delicious food. It doesn’t taste at all like health food.

It’s hard to believe I know…

We’ve been conditioned to believe that good tasting food is bad for us. And that all health food tastes bad.

But today, I’ll teach you how to have the best of both worlds.

I want to prove it to you by offering you to Keto Sweet Treats for FREE…

Yes, FREE!

You’ll get the full, physical 164-page book sent to your doorstep. Full of classic favorites like Angel Food Cake, New York-Style Cheesecake, Chocolate Silk Pie, Pumpkin Pie. New favorites like energy-boosting fat bombs – Cinnamon Roll fat bombs, Cashew Butter fat bombs, Butter Pecan fat bombs, and even Matcha Coconut fat bombs.

Not only that you also get recipes to make your own healthy ice cream! Cookie and Cream Ice Cream, Deconstructed Waffle Cone, and No-Churn Chocolate Almond Ice Cream!

But no sugar-free book is complete with just recipes alone. Each recipe is presented with a beautiful, full-color image that shows you exactly how the recipe is meant to look.

And Today You Can Get the Book For Free

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Once you get your copy in the mail, I want you to flip through it and marvel at the over 150 pages full of delicious recipes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Delicious No-Sugar Cookies

When I started on my Keto kick… I made sure my kids were eating as healthy as I was. And as every parents who’s ever tried to get their kids to eat healthy knows… it’s bloody difficult. My kids begged me every night for cookies or anything tasty, and I never knew what to say to them except, “No.”

This was not good

You see, having low carb and no sugar meals is great for you, but there isn’t a person on the planet who can go without sweet treats for the rest of their life! That’s torture! That’s why these no-sugar cookies are a godsend. My kids don’t know the difference… but their blood-sugar and moods do.

Why I decided to create Keto-Approved Desserts

My name is Elisa Silva, I’m currently the head recipe coach over at Warrior Made! I joined the site because it was created to help people just like me and you transform our bodies and lives.

I’m a mother and a daughter who has first hand experience of the disastrous results of our high carb, high sugar lifestyles.

I wouldn’t be here… the head recipe coach at Warrior Made… living a life full of energy and excitement… if it wasn’t for my mother.

She was an incredible Chef who trained under some of the best culinary minds in California, and she taught me everything she knew about cooking. By the time I was a teenager, she had taught me how to make authentic dishes from places like Japan, Italy, Greece, and so many others.

The only trouble was, even though my Mom could create meals that people happily paid hundreds of dollars for, she struggled with her weight and more importantly, her health.

As a young girl, I watched her battle with disordered eating.

While my family and I would eat the incredible dinners she cooked for us, she seemed only to push food around her plate with a fork, never taking a bite.

That was until I turned 14 and everything changed.

Her dietary habits were unsustainable and her body didn’t know what to make of the food she was eating.

This was the year my Mom was put into the hospital for the first time. She was never able to bring herself to eat the kinds of foods that would properly nourish her, and it took a severe toll on her health and our entire family.

So, for months at a time, we would visit her in the hospital.

Over the span of three years her health rapidly declined — until she passed away in May of 2003.

It was at this point, after the loss of my Mother, that I decided to take a stand and change my life.

This is all because of the standard American diet…

I decided I would never again eat anything that could threaten my chance to love my children for as long as possible.

So, from that point forward, healthy cooking became the key to unlocking my best possible life.

Snackable “Bars and Bites”!

These bars and bites are perfect for packing in with lunch for the kids. I enjoy knowing that if hunger strikes I have a healthy snack on hand. One of the most difficult things to do is to not snack… that’s why having healthy snacks is so important.

These also make for great micro-desserts that you can enjoy on a daily basis. They can be made in bulk and kept in the fridge or freezer for a couple weeks for an easy take-away treat.

After reading I discovered that so many problems were being caused by our over use of sugar!

I decided to try using a strict sugar-free routine.

It was little by little, but I started feeling a lot better

I was so refreshed.

I felt more energetic. I was sleeping easier, and I had zero brain fog in the morning. After just a couple weeks...

I started spending more time with my children again. I was even more active at work!

After I became really proficient as a keto/low-carb chef, my friends and family started asking me for healthy recipes constantly. Every day, I see how the recipes I adapt and create are changing people's’ lives. My friends and family all have slimmer waistlines, higher energy, deeper sleep, and feel better overall.

But I was an expert at creating recipes! I dedicated myself to researching it.

I realized now that the delicious treats I had been creating for people were negatively impacting their lives overall. That made me feel miserable. But I knew that I could recreate my desserts without sugar (or artificial sweeteners).

I found out about how to substitute ingredients. You can swap unhealthy ingredients for healthy ingredients… and if you know the right ones and the portions to use, you don’t even need to sacrifice flavor!

Smoothies, Ice Cream, Pudding and More!

My favorite section of the book! I had no idea healthy ice cream was a possibility. But using full-fat cream, using monk fruit instead of sugar and some eggs… you can create a fat-packed sugar-free ice cream that tastes amazing.

Top it off with some of the zero-carb caramel sauce, and you have an ice cream sundae that’ll blow anyone's mind. Have some fun - add you favorite nuts to the top as well!

I was just planning on keeping the recipes for myself...

…but friends and family kept asking me for the recipes. And after a while I got tired of constantly writing out each recipe.

Little did I know at the time, I would eventually become part of the Warrior Made team.

The health experts at Warrior Made confirmed that my recipes were Keto-approved. They even helped me design even more perfected recipes. The focus was on fast-preparation for busy lifestyles, energy-boosting ingredients...

I’m so proud to say… every single recipe in this book has no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners!

No other Keto book on the market can make that claim.

All my best recipes are compiled into an amazing book I call Keto Sweet Treats. Over 160 pages of recipes…

Unlike so many recipe books you find, I’ve taken a full-color picture of each completed recipe so you know exactly how it should look. Here’s an example of what every recipe in the book looks like.

The Chocolate is full of flavor.

The cake is oozing in chocolate sauce.

The fat bombs will make you forget carbs ever existed.

And the pies? Who needs sugar anymore!

Energy-Boosting Fat Bombs

Everyone deserves a sweet treat in the afternoon. A difficult day at work… that 5pm seems to never get closer. As I know so many of you do; working an office job is difficult and I commend you.

That’s why these Fat Bombs are the… wait for it… the bomb! I find my energy levels peak so much it’s better than a cup of coffee and without the caffeine to boot.

Altogether you get over 160 pages full of smoothies & desserts.

Grasshopper Pie smoothies that’ll get you out of bed in the morning,

Coconut Almond Crisps that’ll make your husband give up his coffee and donut routine.

The easiest snacks…

Gingersnap cookies that’ll give you that boost you need to crush the afternoon

Lemon Coconut Fat Bombs perfect for watching the game… and not putting on weight

For us cookie lovers, there’s a whole section…

And everyone loves ice cream! There is over 3 different ice cream recipes!

And let’s not forget about the cakes… when I first mentioned Keto to my husband he was a little put off by the idea…

Until I baked him a Chocolate Roll Cake full of chocolate and cream cheese icing

And the next day? He was sitting there eating Chocolate Silk Pie wondering how life could be so amazing.

There’re even more interesting foods like Tres Leches Cake, Cream Cheese Cookies, and No-Bake Cookies

I love the spicy Matcha Coconut Fat Bombs – they’re an excellent source of anti-inflammatory nutrients and have a powerful pack of healthy fats and even some fiber and protein!

Does the food in this book make you crave non-Keto food? Will you really miss sugar?

It can be tough to quit sugar.

And even with these delicious recipes… it’s still hard.

That’s why this book isn’t just a bunch of recipes… but a full-on Keto guide!

In the end… you won’t miss the unhealthy food we’re all used to … these foods taste every bit as good as the food your overweight, fatigued neighbours are eating.

These comments come from our Warrior Made Tribe, an exclusive group you will gain access to with your copy of the book. These people have 0 affiliation with Warrior Made, just passionate members that love the recipes!

I just love seeing people enjoying my book like this. I really hope after you grab a copy, you’ll send me your honest opinion! I love seeing other people’s pictures!

And unlike other books… besides for being delicious, my recipes were designed for people like me.

People in the real world. With jobs, children, priorities!

So, don’t worry —

You don’t need to be a kitchen wizard to make these recipes

Nobody has time for complicated recipes.

Spending time in the grocery store searching for weird ingredients, gathering stuff you’ll only ever use in 1 recipe and then will sit in your cupboard to be passed down to the next generation…

Not to mention slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end.

Nobody needs that.

As a busy woman myself… watching after my grandkids, spending time with my daughter and my husband. You know what? Just sitting on a chair reading a magazine… there I said it! All of this stuff is more important to me than a complicated recipe.

That’s why none of the recipes in this book take more than 20 minutes to make.

And the majority are between 5 and 10 minutes. Many can be made in larger batches and keep for weeks in the fridge or freezer!

The bars and bites are wonderful as a quick snack or to pack in the kids’ lunches

In fact… some of these recipes are so easy even my granddaughter has made a few of them! If an 8-year-old girl can cook out of this book, I think anyone can!

Many of the ingredients you need for the recipes can already be found in your kitchen. Things like eggs, baking powder. Many of the substitutions are easy to find. You can find almond flour right beside the regular flour in the grocery story.

That was important to me. I didn’t want anyone to quit Keto just because they can’t find an ingredient.

And that’s why reviews like these are so important to me:

Reviews like those are the reason these free copies won’t last for very long!

No more feeling sluggish and tired after a meal… everything you eat from this book will make you burn fat, increase metabolism and boost energy.

You can stop worrying about fatigue, high blood pressure, and blood sugar issues. The myriad of issues that goes along with the high carb American diet.

As I said before… this is so much more than just a book full of recipes

Every single person I’ve talked to has seen an increase of energy from the first few days of trying Keto. Personally, I started at “exhausted” for the first 2 days (not to mention the 3 years before I started Keto!).

After the third day I was already on to “rested” and by the second week… as many of my friends have told me… you’ll feel “energized”!

After all, if you felt great after the first couple weeks… why not carry that trend on for ever!?

That’s what I hope you do.

It’s what I did. To this day, unless I’ve had a bad “cheat day” …

I wake up energized and well rested.

Just thinking about the delicious smoothie I’m about to prepare gets me out of bed.

My lunches give me the boost I need to tackle the afternoon (without coffee!)… not to mention the fat bombs are absolutely delicious.

Before my lunches made me feel sluggish and tired. Now I feel satisfied… not “too full”.

And… the only thing that makes me tired of work? It’s not exhaustion… it’s excitement for dinner!

Plus, even in full Keto mode… with these recipes you don’t need to skip the best part of the day… dessert!

After trying a few of these recipes you’ll already have experienced increased energy, clearer thinking, better sleep, and potentially you’ve already noticed some weight loss.

We’ve introduced healthier habits – eating habits that enabled you to break a sugar addiction. It’s no small feat but in just 10 days you’ll have done it.

You’ll realize it’s possible to eat healthy while conquering cravings… and that alone is powerful.

How to Stay On Top of Keto

We’ll give you the recipes you need to help fight off sugar cravings. One of the big things is getting enough protein with each meal… that’ll help ward off food cravings.

By being able to indulge your sweet tooth is such a healthy way, you avoid getting so many unnecessary carbs and sugar in your diet.

One thing you must absolutely never do is drink sugar… this is a hard-stop. Don’t drink soda! Luckily there are a few amazing companies that are starting to make sodas with natural, healthy sweeteners. Before you were stuck with diet sodas… which are bad in their own way.

As I mentioned before, I never recommend you use artificial sweeteners like Sucralose or Splenda. In fact… I’d rather you eat sugar than that stuff. Only natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit should ever be used to substitute sugar.

One of the most jarring things people will experience after eating Keto is their ability to sleep skyrockets. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping in the past, it can be a bit unusual to experience great sleep. But don’t take it for granted. I recommend you take advantage of this… get as much sleep as possible!

To keep cravings under control, you need to continue a healthy sleep cycle.

When you get proper sleep, you can increase your appetite-suppressing hormones that can block out sugar cravings.

According to a 2013 study from the University of California, Berkeley, sleep deprivation can cause an increase in desire for junk food and sweets. I’m proof that this is the case.

That’s why taking a break from sugar so important (but also so difficult!)

When we eat too much sugar… we can’t sleep properly… and when we can’t sleep properly we crave sugar.

It’s a vicious downward spiral.

But just by reading this page, you’re on the right track.

And by making the commitment to the detox… you’re just one step away from a life free of your sugar addiction.

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